Aero Adventure is now a Honda Viking Dealer!

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Start Your Amphibious Journey Today!

We at Aero Adventure have the greatest job in the world, making people smile everyday. We always take a photo celebrating the end of a demonstration flight and you've never seen a more excited and happy group of people. Come join us and see why we say "Come and enjoy the true Florida with us: land, sea, and air!"

Designed and built in America's Sea Plane City, we use only the highest quality materials and hardware to manufacture aircraft kits that you can assemble into the best value in flying today. Kit assembly just 250 hours!

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  1. Performance - Unsurpassed performance is delivered in every model, "Compared to other craft with same weight, power and style of control systems performance is excellent" -Light Sport aircraft news.
  2. Safety - The Aventura line of aircraft has never had an in flight structural failure. It has one of the best safety records of aircraft in its class.
  3. Reliability - At Aero Adventure we use the highest quality materials including a thorough inspection after each part is made individually, again when pulled from inventory, and once more at kit assembly. That is why some of the earliest models known as the Buccaneer are still flying today!
  4. Options - Aero Adventure is an aeronautical company dedicated to its customers, if you can dream it we will do our best to build it, we make your plane exactly that; your plane!